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Employees want to hear from their leaders – every day

Leaders who think they are communicating with employees in more detail and with more frequency due to COVID-19 might still be under-doing it, a psychologist says.

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Performance management must adapt to current market


Few organisations will be making major changes to their performance management systems in the coming months, but certain elements do need updating – and fairly urgently, says a Gartner director. » more »


Employer failed to consult on COVID-19 redundancies

The Fair Work Commission has criticised an employer's "hollow" promise to consult employees about making roles redundant in light of COVID-19's impact on its business. » more »


Employee unfairly sacked over misrepresentation of "ordinary" conduct

The Fair Work Commission has awarded maximum compensation to an employee who was sacked for "misleading" his coworkers and "demanding" to see their payslips. » more »


Webcast: Coronavirus and the workplace Q&A

The coronavirus pandemic is posing many completely new HR challenges for employers. In this webcast, HR Law practice group leader Kristin Ramsey answers employers' most pressing questions about their responsibilities and obligations. » more »

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WFH advantages come to the fore; Communicating critical messages; and more

The advantages of working from home are becoming apparent to most employees and productivity is chief among them, research shows. Also in this article: the impact of minimising work frustrations on employees' ability to relax; and the most effective ways to communicate critical messages. » more »