Generations at work (94 items)

Developments in EA applications; Changes for working parents; and more

An employer's EA application has failed after it provided "bland" award comparisons; how childcare subsidy changes affect working parents; research outlines the workplace's role in reducing mental illness; and more. » more »

S-xual conduct 'contaminates' workplaces; Redundancy, dismissal case summaries; and more

When a workplace is s-xualised with inappropriate behaviour, it can "contaminate and distort" the atmosphere between colleagues, a high-profile investigation has found. Also in this article, new rulings on redundancy and dismissals; research on young professionals; and more. » more »

Leaders lacking accountability; Workplace connections crucial; and more

Only one in 10 Australian organisations have leaders who accept accountability for their team's performance, according to a management consultant and former Olympic medallist. Also in this article: why loneliness is a workplace issue; the breakdown in company values; regulating the future of work; and more. » more »

Finance sector facing uphill battle to attract talent


Sectors perceived as driven primarily by money will struggle more than others to attract and retain the next generation of talent, meaning they need to get creative about their employee value proposition, according to the managing director of Accenture Strategy. » more »

Business case for employing older workers needs to change; Demand for part-time work increasing; and more

Employers are being advised to recruit older workers based on attributes that don't matter to them, potentially hindering efforts to overcome age discrimination, researchers warn. Meanwhile, an increasing number of candidates are seeking part-time work, research has turned a spotlight on the superannuation system's bias against women, and more. » more »